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The Brussels Photonics research and innovation team (B-PHOT) is strongly focused on serving the industry with cost-effective, timely and cutting edge micro-photonic solutions. This is achieved through a team of more than 40 experts in micro-photonic technologies, covering the complete value chain from modeling&design, metrology, component fabrication up to proof of concept demonstrations.

Photonics Innovation Center

Since 2013 the Photonics Innovation Center houses high-tech platforms for micro-optical design to an advanced polymer prototyping line including ultra-precision diamond tooling, hot embossing, laser welding and 3D laser lithography. It is located in Gooik.

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Brussels Photonics team
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2 | Building F | 9th floor
1050 Brussels

Head of Department
Prof. Dr. Ir. Hugo Thienpont

Business Developer
Heidi Ottevaere
[T] +32 2 629 34 51