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Fast and specific therapeutic radiation of cancer cells. Sparing healthy tissues.

Precirix is a spin-off of VUB’s Molecular Imaging (MIMA) research group and the UZ Brussel Nuclear Medicine Department, headed by Prof. Tony Lahoutte. Precirix leverages recombinant, small antigen-binding fragments derived from Camelidae heavy-chain-only antibodies (sdAbs), otherwise called VHHs. These Camelidae-derived probes are used to transport therapeutic radioisotopes to selected target receptors on the cancer cell surface and will selectively kill cancer cells by irradiation. These radiolabeled sdAbs represent a new class of drugs with superior pharmacokinetic properties compared to any other antibody based drug currently on the market, setting the foundation for fast, specific and therapeutically effective delivery of cytotoxic radiation to cancer cells, while sparing healthy tissues.



  • 2015: License agreement with VUB
  • 2015: Seed financing round with 3 private investors and Fondation Fournier Majoie.
  • 2016: first-in-human biodistribution study at the UZ Brussel of anti-Her2 sdAbs, coupled to a therapeutic radio-isotope
  • 2017: Precirix completes €37 mio Series A financing to develop cancer-targeted radiopharmaceuticals
  • 2021: Precirix dosed first patients in Phase I/II clinical study evaluating CAM-H2 in HER2-positive metastatic cancer
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Ruth Devenyns, CE

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