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Radical new technology to diagnose and monitor can help millions of diabetics

  • December 17, 2021

More than 500 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes. Today the monitoring process is expensive and time consuming and not all patients can be reached. A consortium of the VUB and UZ Brussel received €3 million funding for developing a point-of-care device for better diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes, with the help of so-called vortex chromatography combined with sensitive and miniaturized multimodal optical detection. 

Two VUB research groups, µFlow Cell (Prof. Wim De Malsche) and B-PHOT Brussels Photonics (Prof. Heidi Ottevaere) and one group of UZ Brussel (Clinical Biology Laboratories - Prof. Ilse Weets and Prof. Katrien Lanckmans) are part of the consortium. This interdisciplinary and international project is coordinated by Prof. De Malsche. 

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