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Results FWO research projects 2019

  • May 25, 2020

Discover 5 VUB projects (2 SBO-Ms and 3 SBO-Es) that were selected for the Strategic Basic Research call (SBO) of the FWO. The Strategic Basic Research (SBO) programme focuses on innovative research which, if scientifically successful, will create prospects for economic or societal applications (e.g., a new generation of products, processes and/or services). In total €55M was granted.

VUB projects:

  • Digital ageing: How seniors can appreciate the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of a digitalizing society - Ignace Glorieux
  • Towards efficient pillar II and III pension decisions in Belgium: Product innovations, customized goal-based pension planning and nudging - Kris Boudt
  • iPSC-based parenchymal and sinusoidal liver cell mimics for DILI and NAFLD studies (iPSC-LiMic) - Leo van Grunsven
  • Energy-efficient, Lightweight, safe Yet Strong manipulator Arm (ELYSA) for cobot applications - Bram Vanderborght
  • Biogas-MAMBO: Enhanced biogas valorization by membrane, adsorption and microbial technologies - Joeri Denayer

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Are you interested in submitting a proposal? Contact (SSHA) or (STEM). Click here for info on the call