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Bringing Sports Science into practice

SpartaNova was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of Ghent University and the VUB department of Human Physiology, headed by prof. Romain Meeusen. It combines the expertise of five founding professors from three departments, plus their global network of leading international scientists in sports injury prevention and performance management. The name ‘SpartaNova’ is derived from ancient Sparta, where only the strongest children were molded into top athletes and warriors. SpartaNova represents the ‘new’ Sparta, which supports everyone who wants to move by making top sports science available to all.The core team consists of Isabel Van Obergen, CEO, Hannes Cleppe (team captain), Lode Goossens (functional developer) and Axel Hallez (IT manager). Through preferred partnerships with academic partners and top experts in the field, SpartaNova has continuous access to insights from the latest research and expertisein the area of sports injury management, performance enhancement and professional sport monitoring and guidance. This knowledge is then shared via a modular online platform.



  • 2011: 2 successful capital rounds are closed
  • 2011: license partnerships are built with physio experts and sport clubs
  • 2012: 5 high level professional football clubs use SpartaNova for Injury Prevention and Sports Monitoring
  • 2013: SpartaNova launches its new Rehab module
  • 2013: first SpartaNova training in Turkey
  • 2017: launch new SportKompas website for children between  8-10 years


SpartaNova NV

Bomastraat 16
B-9000 Ghent

[T] +32 9 394 39 94