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Survey feedback - VUB Advanced Starter Seminars 2022

Thank you for attending the VUB Advanced Starter Seminars 2022. Your feedback will help us to improve the course.

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Session 1: Academic entrepreneurship in practice: testimonials Jens De Vos, Matthias D'Huyvetter, Joeri Minnen
Session 2: How to plan for success - Anna Thomlinson
Session 3: Intro Venture Capital - Martin De Prycker, Steven Leuridan
Session 4: Negotiating with investors - Michael Truyen
Session 5: Writing and presenting a business plan - Marc Goldchstein
Session 6: Building a unicorn, the inside story - Stijn Christiaens
Session 7: The reality of licensing Intellectual Property - Hugo Loosvelt
Session 8: Brainstorming - Rob Heyman
Session 9: How to pitch your project - Thomas Crispeels
Session 10: Pitch your Project! - Marc Goldchstein, Jacky Boonen