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Building (in) the future

IPC, the new “Inorganic Phosphate Cement”, was developed after years of scientific research within the Mechanics of Materials and Constructions Department under the impetus of Prof. Dr. ir. Jan Wastiels and Prof. Dr. ir. Georges Patfoort. This innovative material, which is traded under the name of "vubonite" or "IPC-Pro", is patent-protected. In 2002, with an eye on the industrial valorization of the technology, a collaboration was concluded between the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the NV Symbion.As a spin-off, Symbion has a worldwide, exclusive license on the IPC technology, with the right to grant sub licenses. Vubonite is an ecological, inorganic, nonalkaline resin that is prepared by mixing a powder and a liquid. The processing time can be adjusted and varies from a few minutes to approximately one hour. The result is a ceramic material with a threedimensional network structure that is strong, durable and fire-resistant.


Symbion NV
Jan Vanherck, CEO

Elstrekenweg 35
B-3520 Zonhoven

[T] +32 476 38 09 55