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Think before you begin

The seed has been planted. You are thinking about valorising your applied research by setting up a spin-off company. Before embarking on this risky journey, you should ask yourself a number of questions.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Is my research world class science?
  • Do I have passion for the job? What is my drive, motivation?
  • Am I willing to take risk?
  • Know yourself, ask yourself: do I have all the necessary skills to be an entrepreneur?  What do I know about sales or marketing? Will I be the one pulling the project? Or do I know someone who can? What is my contribution to a team? What are the complementary skills needed? Look for a complementary team, crucial!
  • Is there a market, customers?
  • Maybe it would be better to co-innovate with a company instead of creating a spin-off?

Here you can find the Spin-off regulation and ethical code (intranet).
Ready to go? Fill in the spin-off IDEA NOTIFICATION FORM