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Peptidomimetic TheranOstics develoPment and GMP prodUctioN platform

The aim of the TOPGUN program is two-fold. Firstly, the development of new peptide-based molecules that can be used in cancer diagnostics. Our aim is to develop these molecules by translating existing nanobodies (single-domain camelid antibodies) into peptide-based therapeutics, which are smaller, cheaper and easier to produce. We would design these in a way that they maintain or improve upon the functional activity held by the nanobodies from which they are derived. In doing so, the drawbacks held by nanobodies will be reduced or eliminated, and the costs to produce and use such molecules clinically will be substantially reduced.

Secondly, as a partly linked valorisation pathway, we aim to use and valorise the facilities at the Brussels Imaging Pharmacy (BIP) to be used by third party research groups and/or companies in Flanders and beyond for Radiopharmacy that would not be possible in their own facilities.


Heads of Department 
Prof. Steven Ballet

Prof. Vicky Caveliers

Valorisation Officer
Dr. Thomas Barlow