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Valorisation for the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts

We need your help with a short evaluation! To optimise our support to the research community, we would greatly appreciate it if you share your opinion on and experience with VUB TechTransfer as well as make suggestions for future actions.




Why is your feedback important for us?

VUB TechTransfer helps researchers to valorise scientific research results and continuously strives to connect the university’s research-expertise with industry and society. Together with you we want to make an innovative contribution to improve society and reinvest resulting income into excellent research.

For this purpose we have invested in supporting researchers from all disciplines and faculties. To more fully include researchers from the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts (SSHA), we started an ASP 2030 project in October 2018. This project aims at supporting SSHA-researchers to reach their full valorisation potential and to increase incoming funds as well as our impact on society.

To help do this, VUB TechTransfer welcomed Jessica Hekking as a valorisation advisor for the Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts at the end of 2018. As a first point of contact for researchers from the SSHA, Jessica supports them with Flemish and Brussels project calls for applied research, works on internal and external networks and offers (policy) advice on how SSHA-researchers can successfully valorise their research in a society where economical KPI’s are the standard for success.

As the project is coming to an end, it is time to evaluate the work that has been done and to re-adjust where possible in order to improve our support for the VUB research community.