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VUB gaming-app helps patients with muscular disorders

  • February 6, 2020

“Ghostly” is an Android game for rehabilitation of patients suffering from motor and neuro-muscular disorders. In the game’s challenging and rewarding game scenarios, a character will be controlled by the muscle activity of the patient, sensed from the Delsys Trigno Avanti Sensors and interpreted by the game software. The success of the character in the game will hence be directly influenced by the actions of the patient. A key concept of the approach is that each game should be flexible to be controlled by a variety of muscles in a variety of ways, thereby decoupling the rehabilitation goals from the specific games and broadens the applicability of the platform to a variety of use cases.

The Ghostly game was developed by Prof. Bart Jansen and his team - Lubos Omelina and Katarina Kostkova from the ETRO Department and in collaboration with Prof. Eva Swinnen, specialist in rehabilitation sciences and Dr. Armand Laumen, pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

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