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VUB research shows majority favour Covid vaccination

  • July 26, 2021

The VUB and VUB spin-off iCense conducted a survey among Belgians to find out people’s reasons for choosing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 or not. The results show that the majority of the population is positive towards the vaccination, that there is a difference according to where people live and their education levels, and that most of those rejecting the vaccination do so out of concern about side effects and because they do not believe the information they are given about the injection.

The research is part of a scientific study that aims to map all the possible reasons for refusing vaccination and was funded by the FWO Scientific Research Fund through its call for research around the Covid-19 pandemic. A representative sample of 1,030 people was used, categorised according to age, gender, region and level of education, and an online survey was carried out.

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