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Wastewater against drought

  • April 28, 2021

VUB investigates whether treated wastewater via underground infiltration can help agriculture

In recent years, Flanders has been confronted with long and intense periods of drought. While natural water resources are under pressure, the demand for water for agriculture is very high at such times. Soil Science Service of Belgium, Boerennatuur Vlaanderen, Aquafin and the hydrology research group of the VUB are now investigating whether treated wastewater via underground infiltration can offer relief.

Sub-irrigation is a technique in which water is introduced into the soil of a plot via an underground infiltrating pipe network. The water is led into the drains and infiltrates the soil through the openings in the drains. The soil is getting wetter and the groundwater level is rising. In this way, the crops receive sufficient moisture, which could benefit the harvest.

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