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Get More Out of Your Designs
Turn your designs into prototypes that are fully functional, deployable in the field and gather usability data for you … without writing a single line of code!


The founders of, Jesse Zaman and Florian Myter, both performed their Phd in computer science at the VUB Software Languages Lab. Jesse obtained his PhD with a thesis on visual flow based programming. He develops’s prototyping platform. Florian obtained his PhD with a thesis on data replication in distributed systems. He develops’s business.

The technology behind originates from an Innovris Anticipate project. This project resulted in the creation of DISCOPAR, an accessible visual programming language which enables citizens to set up their own so-called “citizen observatories” to collect, process, analyze and evaluate specific types of data. During this project, the technology was deployed to gather data and map mobility parameters on pedestrians in the Brussels Capital Region.

FLAMENCO, the successor to DISCOPAR, was a platform developed during a project funded by Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen (predecessor of VLAIO) and that aimed to deliver an open cloud-based software platform, designed for citizens to create and participate in citizen science campaigns.

To confront major challenges of today, our society requires fundamental transitions in the way we deal with energy, buildings, mobility, environment and health. The FLAMENCO project was the first step to unlock the potential for collecting enormous volumes of highly localised, person-centric data, which can support policy makers to assess urban processes in a way that was hitherto impossible. During the 4 years of FLAMENCO, the platform was deployed at various partners of the user committee (i.e. Mobiel21, Fietserbond, Gents Milieufront, VITO)

Despite earlier projects’ focus on the domain of citizen science, the underlying technology can be generalised into a cloud-based software component toolbox to rapidly develop so-called Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). The early phases of digital product development require a lot of agility to rapidly design, develop, deploy and test novel ideas and features. This need for agility contrasts with current software development methods which still rely on textual programming by expensive and hard-to-find developers. alleviates this need for developers while developing and validating new digital products and enables non-technical users to build, deploy and validate MVPs by using it’s pre-defined software components. VUB spin-off


Florian Myter

Jesse Zaman