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What you need to set up your spin-off

The decision has been made. You are prepared to embark on the complex and challenging journey of setting up a spin-off! To take off however, you need to have several key components in place, which will ultimately determine the success of your company.

Key components you need to set up your company:

  • Access to world-class science and technology, enabling you to offer a unique and high-quality product and/or service in a competitive international market. 
  • Your offer really caters to a customer’s need: not a nice to have solution, but a need to have. 
  • The technology/product you offer has to be sufficiently validated and derisked by means of prototypes or successful tests. 
  • A validation of the market: is your offer so compelling to customers that they are willing to pay a sufficient amount of money? Especially for technology/product-oriented spin-offs, you will need a considerable budget to identify the best product/market fit and make it ready for international commercialization.
  • An appropriate Intellectual Property (IP) rights strategy, such as patents, copyrights, trade secrets and trademarks. At the same time, you need sufficient Freedom to Operate (FTO) so that your spin-off is not blocked by patents or IP owned by third parties. 
  • A strong investor consortium needs to be formed that will provide you with sufficient capital to build your product/service/technology, generate international sales and grow your company. 
  • A complementary team which has all the necessary skills both at the technological/science level and at the business and management level.

We can support you in Opportunity Framing (roadmapping) of your undertaking.
Fill in the spin-off IDEA NOTIFICATION FORM or contact us.
Here you can find the Spin-off regulation and ethical code (intranet).